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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Refer a Friend Scheme?

As a Nextra Privileged Customer, you can get Rs. 200 discount on your monthly bill for every single reference that gets converted to Nextra Broadband.

When can I refer a friend?

As long as you're a Nextra Broadband customer, you can refer a friend any day, any time.

Am I eligible?

If you're an Active Customer of Nextra Broadband, then yes, you are eligible.If you are on a special plan then we're afraid that you aren't eligible at this time.

Is my friend eligible?

Is your friend residing in an area which has Nextra Broadband Connectivity? If you're uncertain, you can check this though our Check Availability section of our website. If he resides in a feasible area and is not already a customer of Nextra Broadband then he is eligblie.

Can I refer more the 1 Friend?

Yes, you can refer as many friends you may like and you will get Rs. 200 discount for the those who get successfully converted. The benefit will be limited to Rs. 200 per month, the balance would be adjusted in the subsequent months.
Eg - If 3 of your references get successfully get converted, you get Rs. 200 off for next 3 month on your bill.

When will I get my Rs. 200 credit?

The amount will be credited to your account in the next billing cycle once your reference connection becomes activated.
To clarify, you won't receive your Rs. 200 credit immediately after filling in this page – you'll get it after your friend's connection is activated. Your Rs.200 credit will be visible on your next bill cycle after your friend's activation date.

When will my friend receive their Rs. 100 credit?

Your friend will receive their Rs. 100 credit on their first bill.