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Case Study

Choked Bandwidth in an Office Environment

Mukesh Vyas, CIO for Stratgem Consulting , a recently commissioned customer for Nextra ILL called Rajat, Nextra’s Sales Head, one evening, “Rajat, we recently moved from a different service provider, where we had 4 Mbps ILL, to Nextra’s service with a 10 Mbps connection. With the earlier service, users were frequently complaining about slow browsing experience. So, while moving to Nextra, we increased the connection to 10 Mbps.

“Now, when we look at the MRTG chart, we find that the bandwidth utilization is near full. I guess there was so much latent demand. However, the user perception about experience has not changed significantly. Can you get this reviewed and suggest your thoughts on whether we need to increase the bandwidth further? How do we improve the user experience?”

Rajat quickly got the Technical team to pull out the protocol level MRTG chart for Stratgem, and emailed it to Mukesh.

He then called Mukesh, “We are not surprised to see that P2P file sharing application account for most of your bandwidth consumption. This is a challenge in most office environments, where unproductive traffic like file sharing eats up a big chunk of the bandwidth, and crowds out productive office-work traffic. The more you increase the bandwidth, the larger the problem becomes. I suggest we block the P2P file-sharing traffic through the Nextra Smart ILL tool and see the impact”. Mukesh agreed.

Rajat got the P2P traffic blocked for “Stratgem connection next morning. By the evening, he got the protocol MRTG again, and sent it to Mukesh. He then called Mukesh excitedly, “How has been the internet experience today!” Mukesh was equally excited, “It has been fantastic. Maybe the P2P blocking worked ?!” “Check the MRTG chart I sent to you,” Rajat replied.

“Your users are now getting a good experience in their regular work, and the overall bandwidth utilization has dropped significantly”, Rajat continued.

Mukesh thanked Rajat and put the phone down. He started wondering, “Should I reduce the bandwidth commitment? Or maybe not. I can get the video-conferencing with our Jaipur office set-up on this connection. I also need to get the user authentication and network security aspects fixed.”

He smiled. He knew whom to get advice from. He picked his phone and called Rajat.

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